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ja bar toke vol 2
1.Throw It (Money In The Building) Prod. by KE
2.Toke Sum Prod. By KE
3.M.O.N.E.Y. Prod. By Ham Squad
4.I'm Gone (Prod by KE)
5.On My Way To Sex ft. Guyana Prod. By KE
6.Wherever You Wanna Go ft. Sammie Prod. By Super Ced
7.Operator ft. Calico Jonez Prod. By Dough Boy Beats
8.Thats How I Done It ft. C- Profet Prod. By KE
9.Sexy Lil Thing-Feat. JBar, Sammie, and Bei Maejor Prod. By Boi1da
10.So Confusing ft. Big Hood Boss
11.Soulja Boy ft. Jbar Another one (Unreleased)

Toke Vol.2 2012 by Ja-Bar

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