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Thorned Roses Artwork-v2
01. JohnNY U. - Intro By Charlotte Michell [Prod. By Hubert Daviz]
02. JohnNY U. - Sonrise [Prod. By The Stuyvesants]
03. JohnNY U. - Stoop Kid (Feat. Teresa Taylor) [Prod. By Jay Sentine]
04. JohnNY U. - Portraits (Feat. Noah Caine) [Prod. By Kids Wtih Guns]
05. JohnNY U. - The Wise Man [Prod. By Fathom 9]
06. JohnNY U. - I'm A Sinner By Candice "Goldie" Wood
07. JohnNY U. - Carousel (Feat. ScienZe) [Prod. By Marink]
08. JohnNY U. - The Product [Prod. By Aeon]
09. JohnNY U. - Melting Pot (Feat. Sammie Aye) [Prod. By Jay 89]
10. JohnNY U. - Repulsive [Prod. By ehT. Mills]
11. JohnNY U. - East Riv Illin' [Prod. By Marink]
12. JohnNY U. - Trailblazers (Feat. M@rv3lou$, Hoz The Lyricist & Alvietron) [Prod. By Apatight]
13. JohnNY U. - Heaven On Earth (Feat. Teresa Taylor) [Prod. By HP Tha Hybrid]
14. JohnNY U. - Rumor Has It [Prod. By 3rd Degree]
15. JohnNY U. - Lost In The Shuffle [Prod. By Lord Quest]
16. JohnNY U. - Trouble (Feat. J.O. & Khid 2Che) [Prod. By J. Monop]
17. JohnNY U. - Photosynthesis [Prod. By Drastic Measures]
18. JohnNY U. - Red Light, Green Light (Feat. Dollar Coffee) [Prod. By The Produce Section]
19. JohnNY U. - Change$ (Feat. Sammie Aye) [Prod. By The Produce Section]
20. JohnNY U. - Sunset (Feat. Anetta Rozé) [Prod. By Jay Sentine]

Thorned Roses 2012 by JohnNY U.

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