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01.I Gotta Love (Feat. Jin) Kanye West
02.Whole Life (Feat. Newz) Kanye West
03.Used 2 Love U John Legend
04.Jesus Walks Kanye West
05.The Food (Feat. Kanye West) Common
06.Number One (Feat. Kanye West) John Legend
07.I Changed My Mind (Feat. Keyshia Cole) Kanye West
08.The Light Common
09.So Soulful (Feat. John Legend, Consequence) Kanye West
10.They Say Common
11.Be Common
12.The 6Th Sense Common
13.Slow Jamz (Feat. Twista, Jamie Foxx) Kanye West
14.Go Common
15.Whole City Behind Is (Feat. Ludacris, The Game) Kanye West

Got Instrumentals (2011) by Kanye West

01. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
02. Thats My Bitch (Feat. Jay-Z, Elly Jackson)
03. Freestyle
04. Glenwood (Feat. Big Sean)
05. Make Her Say (Feat. Kid Cudi)
06. KWelcome To Heart Break (Feat. Kid Cudi)
07. Gorgeous (Feat. Kid Cudi, Raekwon)
08. Christian Dior Denim (Feat. Kid Cudi, Lloyd Banks)
09. All Of The Lights
10. Run This Town (Feat. Jay-Z, Rihanna)
11. Haters (Feat. Jay-Z)
12. Monster (Feat. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj)
13. Lord Lord Lord (Feat. Mos Def)
14. DreamKillers
15. See Me Now (Feat. Beyonce)
16. Blame Game (Feat. John Legend)

The Rok Tapes (2011) by Kanye West

kanye west the good ruler
01. Otis (Feat. Jay-Z & Otis Redding)
02. Monster (Feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
03. Eyez Closed (Feat. Snoop Dogg & John Legend)
04. Runaway (Feat. Pusha T)
05. Touch It (Feat. Pusha T)
06. Mamas Boyfriend
07. Party (Feat. Beyonce & Andre 3000)
08. Start It Up (Feat. Lloyd Banks, Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beatz, & Fabolous)
09. Marvin & Chardonnay (Feat. Big Sean & Roscoe Dash)
10. Blazin (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
11. All Of The Lights (Remix) (Feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Big Sean)
12. H.A.M. (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z & Busta Rhymes)
13. Deuces (Remix) (Feat. Chris Brown, Drake, T.I., Fabolous, Rick Ross & Andre 3000)
14. Power (Remix) (Feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)
15. Runaway Love (Remix) (Feat. Justin Bieber & Raekwon)

The GOOD Ruler (2011) by Kanye West

1. (00:02:43) Kanye West - H.A.M. Intro
2. (00:03:30) Kanye West - Dark Fantasy (ft. Justin Vernon)
3. (00:01:39) Kanye West - Power (tease)
4. (00:05:15) Kanye West - Power
5. (00:03:13) Kanye West - Jesus Walks
6. (00:02:38) Kanye West - Cant Tell Me Nothing
7. (00:01:39) Kanye West - Diamonds
8. (00:04:07) Kanye West - Hell of a Life
9. (00:04:14) Kanye West - Monster (ft. Bon Iver)
10. (00:03:56) Kanye West - Flashing Lights
11. (00:00:36) Kanye West - P.Y.T.
12. (00:04:31) Kanye West - Good Life
13. (00:01:35) Kanye West - Sirius
14. (00:04:41) Kanye West - Love Lockdown
15. (00:04:55) Kanye West - Say You Will
16. (00:03:38) Kanye West - Heartless
17. (00:01:06) Kanye West - Swagger Like Us
18. (00:02:14) Kanye West - Run This Town
19. (00:00:39) Kanye West - We Will Rock You
20. (00:00:55) Kanye West - E.T.
21. (00:01:10) Kanye West - Homecoming
22. (00:01:51) Kanye West - Through The Wire
23. (00:01:29) Kanye West - All Falls Down
24. (00:03:37) Kanye West - Touch The Sky
25. (00:03:30) Kanye West - Gold Digger
26. (00:04:43) Kanye West - All of The Lights
27. (00:02:53) Kanye West - Stronger
28. (00:03:41) Kanye West - Interlude
29. (00:06:11) Kanye West - Runaway (ft. Pusha T)
30. (00:00:32) Kanye West - Interlude
31. (00:06:03) Kanye West - Lost in the World (ft. Justin Vernon)
32. (00:03:29) Kanye West - Hey, Mama

Live At Coachella 2011 by Kanye West

kanye west instrumentals
01.Kanye West - Hell Of A Life Produced by Kanye West Mike Dean
02.Rick Ross Ft Kanye West - Live Fast, Die Young Produced by Kanye West
03.Kanye West Ft Lil Wayne - Barry Bonds Produced By Nottz Kanye West
04.Pharrell Ft Kanye West - Number One Produced By Pharrell Kanye West
05.Lil Wayne - Comfortable Prod. By Kanye West
06.Kanye West - Addiction Produced By Kanye West
07.N.E.R.D. Ft Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco Pusha T - Everyone Nose Produced by Pharrell Chad
08.Jay-Z - Dope Boy Fresh (Jockin Jay-Z) Produced By Kanye West
09.Kanye West Ft Rihanna - All Of The Lights Produced by Kanye West
10.Kanye West - Diamonds Are Forever Produced By Kanye West
11.Kanye West Ft Rick Ross , Jay-Z Nicki Minaj - Monster Produced By Kanye West
12.Kanye West Ft John Legend - Blame Game Produced by Kanye West
13.Kanye West Ft Mos Def, Swizz Beatz Raekwon - Lord Lord Lord Produced by Pete Rock
14.Kanye West - Devil In a New Dress Produced By Kanye West
15.Kanye West Ft Pusha T - Runaway Produced by Kanye West
16.Kanye West - I Need To Know Produced by Kanye West
17.Camron ft Kanye West - Down and Out Produced by Kanye West
18.Jay-Z - Some People Hate Produced Kanye West
19.Common feat Kanye West - The Food Produced by Kanye West
20.Kanye West - I Wonder Produced by Kanye West
21.Kanye West - Say You Will Produced by Kanye West
22.RhymeFest Ft Kanye West - Brand New Produced by Kanye West
23.Kanye West ft Jay Z - Never Let Me Down Produced by Kanye West
24.Kanye West - Family Business Produced By Kanye West
25.Jay- Z - Takeover Produced By Kanye West
26.Lil Wayne - Let The Beat Build Produced by Kanye West
27.Mos Def - Sunshine Produced By Kanye West
28.Kanye West - Get Your Handz Off Produced By Kanye West
29.Jay-Z - Lucifer Produced By Kanye West
30.Kanye West - Peace Of Mind Produced By Kanye West
31.Kanye West - My Twisted Dark Fantasy Produced By Kanye West
32.GLC ft. Kanye West - The Big Screen Produced By Kanye West
33.Kanye West - Christmas In Harlem Produced By HitBoy SC
34.Jay-Z - This Can"t Be Life Produced By Kanye West
35.Royce Da 59 - Heartbeat Produced By Kanye West
36.T.I. Ft Kanye West, Jay-Z , M.I.A. - Swagga Like Us Produced By Kanye West
37.The Clipse Ft Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal Produced By Kanye West
38.Kanye West - Welcome To Heartbreak feat Kid Cudi Produced By Kanye West , Jeff Bhasker Plain Pat
39.Talib Kweli Kanye West - Guerilla Monsoon Rap Produced By Kanye West
40.Slum Village Ft Kanye West John Legend - Selfish Produced By Kanye West
41.Beanie Sigel - Nothing Like It Produced By Kanye West
42.The Game - Dreams Produced By Kanye West
43.The Diplomats - You Oughta Know Produced By Kanye West
44.Talib Kweli feat Kanye West - Good To You Produced By Kanye West
45.- Jay-Z- Already Home Produced by Kanye West
46.Young Jeezy Ft Kanye West - Put On Produced by Drumma Boy
47.T.I. - Doin My Job Produced By Kanye West
48.Kanye West Ft T-Pain - Flight School Produced By Kanye West
49.Kanye West - Half Price Produced By Kanye West
50.Scarface Ft Jay-z Beanie Sigel - Guess Who"s Back Produced By Kanye West
51.Kanye West Ft GLC T.I. - Drive Slow Produced By Kanye West
52.Jay-Z - Heart of the City (Ain"t No Love) Produced By Kanye West
53.WhiteBoy Ft Kanye West - U Know Produced By Kanye West
54.The Diplomats - Ground Zero Produced By Kanye West
55.Twista - Overnight Celebrity Produced By Kanye West
56.Common Ft Kanye West - The Corner Produced By Kanye West
57.Jay-Z Ft Kanye West - Hate Produced By Kanye West
58.Jay-Z - Thank You Produced By Kanye West
59.Kanye West - Can"t Tell Me Nothing Produced By DJ Toomp
60.Atmosphere - Trying To Find A Balance Produced By Kanye West
61.88-Keys Ft Kanye West - Stay Up! (Viagra) Produced by 88 Keys
62.Rick Ross Ft Kanye West, Lil Wayne T-Pain - Maybach Music 2 Produced By J.U.S.T.I.C.E League
63.Big Sean Ft Kanye West - Whatever Wou Want Produced by Kanye West
64.Jay-Z - Anything Produced by Kanye West
65.Lloyd-Banks featuring Kanye West, Fabolous, SwizzBeatz Ryan Leslie -Start it Up Produced By Kardia
66.Kanye West Ft Jay-Z Cyhi Da Prince - So Appalled Produced By Kanye West
67.Kanye West - Two Words Produced By Kanye West
68.Consequence Ft Kanye West John Legend - Whatever You Want Produced By Kanye West
69.Dj khaked Ft Kanye West T-Pain - Go Hard Produced By The Runners
70.Kanye West - Everything I Am Produced By Kanye West
71.Common Ft Kanye West - They Say Produced By Kanye West
72.Dj Khaled Ft Kanye West, Consequence John Legend - Grammy Family Produced By Kanye West
73.Common Ft Kanye West John Mayer - GO Produced By Kanye West
74.Common - Testify Produced By Kanye West
75.Kanye West Ft Dwele - Flashing Lights Produced By Kanye West
76.Kanye West Ft. Adam Levine - Heard"em Say Produced By Kanye West
77.Jadakiss Ft Kanye west - Gettin" It In Produced By Kanye West
78.Jay-Z - Encore Produced By Kanye West
79.Kanye West - Big Brother Produced By Dj Toomp
80.Kanye West Ft Talib kweli common - Get Em High Produced By Kanye West
81.Kanye West Ft Jamie Foxx - Gold Digger Produced By Kanye West
82.Kid Sister Ft Kanye West - Pro Nails Produced by A-Trak
83.Kanye West Ft Pharrell Lupe Fiasco - Don"t Stop Produced By Kanye West

Instrumentals (2011) by Kanye West

kanye west eyes closed 2011
1. Intro
2. Never See Me Again
3. Welcome To The World
4. H.A.M.
5. Thats My *****
6. Chain Heavy
7. Christmas In Harlem
8. Mama’s Boyfriend [Live]
9. Eyes Closed
10. All Of The Lights
11. Blazin
12. Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)
13. You’re My Type
14. The Stalker Song (Never Lettin’ Go)
15. Good Ass Job
16. Living In A Movie
17. I’m A New Man (Pinocchio Story Part. 2) [Live]

Eyes Closed (2011) by Kanye West

kanye west good fuckin music
01. Kanye West & Jay-Z - H.A.M.
02. Kanye West - Eyes Closed
03. Kanye West & Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock (rmx)
04. Kanye West, T.I. & KiD CuDi - Welcome to the World
05. Kanye West, Talib Kweli & Consequence - Chain Heavy
06. Kanye West - Deuces (rmx)
07. Kanye West - The Joy
08. Kanye West - Christmas in Harlem
09. Kanye West - Don’t Look Down
10. Kanye West - G.O.O.D. Music Cypher
11. Kanye West & Jyj - Ayyy Girl
12. Kanye West & Do Or Die - You Know
13. Kanye West - Start It Up
14. Kanye West & Jay-Z - That’s My Bitch
15. Kanye West & Nicki Minaj - Blazin

G.O.O.D Fuckin Music Vol. 1 (2011) by Kanye West

kanye west a beautiful death
1. Dark Fantasy
2. That´s My Bitch (Feat. Jay-Z)
3. Welcome To My World (Feat. T.I. & Kid Cudi)
4. Gorgeous featuring Kid Cudi & Raekown
5. The Joy Featuring Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield & Kid Cudi
6. All The Lights featuring Nicki Minaj & Rihanna
7. Hell Of A Life
8. Devil In A New Dress
9. Monster featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver
10. Start It Up featuring Lloyd Banks, Swizz Beatz & Fabolous
11. Runaway featuring Pusha T
12. So Appalled featuring Jay-Z, RZA, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz & Cyhi Tha Prince
13. Take One For The Team featuring Keri Hilson, Pusha T & Cyhi Tha Prince
14. Power (Remix) featuring Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz
15. Runaway Love (Remix) featuring Raekown & Justin Bieber
16. Good Friday featuring Common, Pusha T, Kid Cudi, BIg Sean & Charlie Wilson

A Beautiful Death by Kanye West

kanye west restaurants
01. (00:04:02) Kanye West & Jay-Z - That's My Bitch
02. (00:05:57) Kanye West Ft. KiD CuDi & Raekwon - Gorgeous
03. (00:04:30) JYJ Ft. Kanye West & Malik Yusef - Ayyy Girl (Prod by Kanye West)
04. (00:09:41) Kanye West Ft. Trey Songz And Pusha T - Runaway (MajorMix)
05. (00:04:45) La Roux Ft. Kanye West - In For The Kill (Remix) (Dirty)
06. (00:04:02) T.I. Ft. Kanye West And KiD CuDi - Welcome To The World
07. (00:06:37) Kanye West Ft. Cam’ron, Vado, Jim Jones, CyHi Da Prynce, Pusha T, Big Sean, Teyana Taylor, And Musiq Soulchild - Christmas In Harlem (Radio.Rip)
08. (00:06:06) Kanye West Ft. Talib Kweli & Consequence - Chain Heavy (Prod. By Q-Tip)
09. (00:05:01) Nicki Minaj Ft. Kanye West - Blazin’ (Prod. By Kanye West And No I.D.)
10. (00:05:54) Kanye West Ft. Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, And Big Sean - Don’t Look Down
11. (00:05:37) Kanye West Ft. Pusha T, CyHi The Prynce, Big Sean, And J. Cole - Looking For Trouble
12. (00:05:24) G.O.O.D. Music (Kanye West, Pusha T, CyHi Da Prince, Big Sean, And Common) - BET Cypher (Dirty)
13. (00:06:03) Kanye West Ft. Big Sean, Beyonce, And Charlie Wilson - See Me Now (iTunes Bonus)
14. (00:05:46) Lloyd Banks Ft. Kanye West, Fabolous, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie, And Pusha T - Start It Up (Extended)
15. (00:06:43) Chris Brown Ft. Drake, T.I., Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross, And Andre 3000 - Deuces (Remix) (Dirty)

Restaurants by Kanye West

1. Dark Fantasy 4:41
2. Gorgeous (featuring Kid Cudi & Raekwon) 5:58
3. Power (featuring Dwele) 4:52
4. All of the Lights (Interlude) 1:02
5. All of the Lights 5:00
6. Monster (featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver) 6:19
7. So Appalled (featuring Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce, Swizz Beatz & The RZA) 6:38
8. Devil in a New Dress (featuring Rick Ross) 5:53
9. Runaway (featuring Pusha T) 9:08
10. Hell of a Life 5:28
11. Blame Game (featuring John Legend) 7:50
12. Lost in the World (featuring Bon Iver) 4:17
13. Who Will Survive in America 1:38

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

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