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l i one man two letters
1.Intro (Produced by Revolva Rome)
2.I'm The One ft. Aaron Taylor (Produced by Midnite)
3.Nothings Gonna Stop Me (Produced by Midnite)
4.We Like It (Produced by DJ Sight)
5.Skate Away ft. 38 Special (Produced By Buff City Records)
6.The Muthafuckin' Man
7.Getin' Money (Produced By Midnite)
8.How To Get A Caise Built
9.When It Rains, It Pours
10.Dream Big
11.I Got It ft. Lady H. (Produced By Midnite)
12.What I Want ft. Bobby V (Produced By Midnite)
13.Beautiful Nasty (Produced By Midnite)
14.The Ride Out
15.Bonus: L.I. W/Rob Lebron (Produced By Midnite)

One Man, Two Letters 2012 by L.I.

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