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precious paris from paris with love
1.Everything OK ft. 50 Cent Produce Black Key Beats
2.Do Your Thing ft. 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd, Shaun White Produced by Dready
3.DJ Bring It Back Produced by Gnyus
4.Queens ft. 50 Cent Produced by EQ
5.No Hesitation ft. 50 Cent, Twane Produced by Havoc
6.Guns Come Out ft. Twane Produced Rockwilder
7.Swagg Produced by Rahki
8.Rida ft. Kidd Kidd Produced by Phoenix
9.Trick ft. 50 Cent Produced by Mr. Colt 45
10.Love Produced by M-Phazes
11.No More Produced by T-Minus

From Paris With Love 2012 by Precious Paris

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